Solvent dewaxing Back

Action Treatment (separation)
Method Cool/filter
Purpose Remove wax from lube stocks
Feedstock Vacuum tower lube basestock

Dewaxed lube

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Lube hydrotreating

Waxes need to be eliminated from base oils, because they lead to performance problems in engine oils in cold seasons (or regions). Waxes increase the pour and cloud point temperature of base oils (lubricants); this effect is not desirable.

Solvent dewaxing is required to remove waxes from distillate or residue at any stage in the process to reduce their pour and cloud points. In solvent dewaxing, solvent is added to the waxy feedstock and the mixture is then cooled to help precipitation. The solvent acts as an antifreezing agent for everything but the waxes. The waxes often solidify and precipitate during cooling.

Wax will then be filtered by passing it through a water settler. Solvent is easily recycled by distillation.

DMA Generation M

The DMA Generation M density meters measure the density and concentration of liquids. They provide preset measuring methods and integrated conversion tables for many applications. The FillingCheckTM function automatically detects filling errors and gas bubbles in the sample to avoid measuring errors.

Accuracy, density:
0.0001 g/cm³ (DMA 4100 M)
0.00005 g/cm³ (DMA 4500 M)
0.000005 g/cm³ (DMA 5000 M)

Repeatability s.d., density:
0.00005 g/cm³ (DMA 4100 M)
0.00001 g/cm³ (DMA 4500 M)
0.000001 g/cm³ (DMA 5000 M)

DMA 500

DMA 500 is a convenient, compact laboratory density meter providing renowned DMA measurement quality at the push of a button. Operations with DMA 500 are safe against voltage fluctuations and power outages due to the instrument’s integrated rechargeable battery, which also enables flexible off-the-line operation. The U-ViewTM live camera image of the measuring cell allows for visual inspection of the filling process and is supported by an automatic FillingCheckTM resulting in a high level user-support.

Accuracy, density:
0.001 g/cm3

Repeatability s.d., density:
0.0002 g/cm3

Min. sample volume:
approx. 1 mL

Maximum off-the-line operation:
2 h (optionally 6 h)

DMA 4200 M

The DMA 4200 M density meter determines density and specific gravity at sample pressures up to 500 bar and temperatures up to 200 °C. DMA 4200 M  is the expert solution for highly viscous samples with high melting points like bitumen, asphalt or tar, for volatile samples like fuel and gases like LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).

Density range:
0 to 3 g/cm3

Temperature range:
-10 °C to 200 °C

Pressure range:
0 bar to 500 bar

Accuracy, density:
0.0001 g/cm3