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MKT 50

The MKT 50 millikelvin thermometer is designed for the most accurate temperature measurements, comparison calibrations and fixed point calibrations. It is the ideal solution for temperature calibration of any equipment that has a precise temperature measurement or control included. MKT 50 is the standard tool for a temperature calibration of Anton Paar’s DMA density meters or SVM 3000 viscometers. In combination with standard and industrial platinum resistance thermometers, MKT 50 achieves a measuring uncertainty of 10 mK. Combined with high-end SPRT sensors, a system uncertainty of as low as 1.4 mK can be reached.

Measuring range:
Temperature: -260 °C to 962 °C
Resistance: 0 Ω to 440 Ω

Measurement uncertainty:
Temperature: < 1 mK (Pt 100)
Resistance: 400 μΩ at reference
temperature 23 °C

Measuring sensor:
Pt 100 or Pt 25.5
(DIN IEC 751 or ITS-90 or ASTM 1137)