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PNR 12

The modular PNR 12 penetrometer automatically measures the resistance a material provides against being pierced by a specifically shaped penetrator such as a needle, cone, rod or disk.
To assure a high flexibility in application you may choose between test kits for various standards and applications (bitumen, grease, wax, food, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals) or create your own set.
PNR 12 is suitable for consistency and plasticity determinations of pasty, creamy, semi-solid or highly viscous samples.

Standard methods:
depending on the accessories for needle penetration: ASTM D5, ASTM D1321, ISO 6873, EN 1426, EN 13179-2, JIS K 2207, JIS K 2235
and more for cone penetration: ASTM D217, ASTM D937, ASTM D1403, ASTM D7342, ISO 2137, European Pharmacopoeia 2.9.9. and more

Measuring range:
Up to 80 mm

Maximum test load:
2000 g

Data storage:
200 measurements

Data conversion:
¼ and ½ cone to solid cone
NLGI and EN bitumen class

Benefits of PNR 12 at Asphalt

The consistency of bitumen expressed in 0.1 mm (Penetration Unit) is measured with a vertically penetrating needle. If not specifically defined otherwise, the standard test conditions are a load of 100 g, a temperature of 25 °C and time period of 5 seconds. The penetration is a basic value for bitumen classification systems worldwide. Conclusions about the performance of bitumen as a binder for road construction are drawn from the value.