SVM 3000

The SVM 3000 Stabinger Viscometer measures the dynamic viscosity and density of oils and fuels according to ASTM D7042. From this result, the viscometer automatically calculates the kinematic viscosity and delivers measurement results which comply with ISO 3104 or ASTM D445.

Measuring range:
0.2 mPa.s to 20,000 mPa.s

0.65 g/cm3 to 3 g/cm3
-56 °C to 105 °C

Reproducibility: 0.35 %

Repeatability: 0.1 %

Minimum sample volume: 2.5 mL

Optionally combined with:
Abbemat refractometers

Benefits of SVM 3000 at Diesel fuel oil

The viscosity of oil is a measure of its resistance to flow. Regarding fuel oil, this is a highly significant parameter since it indicates both the relative ease with which the oil can be pumped, and the ease of atomization. Density alone is of little significance as an indication of the burning characteristics of fuel oil. Used in conjunction with other properties, it is of value in mass-volume relationships and for the specific energy of oil.

SVM 3000 is a good solution for determining kinematic viscosity (both at +40 °C and at -20 °C), the API number and density, which are the main specifications of those products. SVM 3000 meets the requirements of ASTM D7042.