Abbemat 200

The Abbemat 200 refractometer makes the Abbemat series’ sophisticated measuring technology available to price-sensitive sectors. Offering all essential refractometry features and intuitive handling, Abbemat 200 is a truly universal out-of-the-box solution covering nearly every refractometer application. Dedicated industry solutions are no longer required.

Refractive Index:
Range: 1.3 nD to 1.72 nD
Accuracy: +/-0.0001 nD
Resolution: +/-0.0001 nD

Range: 0 °Brix to 100 °Brix
Accuracy: 0.05 °Brix
Resolution: 0.01 °Brix

Temperature range:
10 °C to 60 °C

Benefits of Abbemat 200 at Transportation

The quality and identity of fuels, diesel and multi-product interfaces of various origins in different storage tanks and after decanting can be analyzed via a refractive index measurement.