Oxidation Stability Tester: TOST & TOO

The modular TOST & TOO tester is used to describe the properties of a sample in order to prevent oxidation and corrosion of metals.
The TOST & TOO bath in combination with standardized glassware sets and accessories is suitable for various mineral oils such as steam turbine and distillate fuel oils.

Standard methods:
ASTM D943, ASTM D2274, ASTM D4310, ASTM D7462, ISO 12205, ISO 4263-1, ISO 4263-2, ISO 4263-3, JIS C 2101, JIS K 2514, DIN 51587, FTM 791-5308, IP 157, IP 388

Application range:
Up to 175 °C

Test places:
1 to 4

Benefits of Oxidation Stability Tester: TOST & TOO at Diesel fuel oil

This method is used to determine the oxidation stability of petroleum fuels in contact with oxygen at elevated temperatures.The sample is aged over a defined period of time and the amount of total insolubles is measured. This is a required test method for diesel in the US.