Modulyzer Prime Class

Start with Modulyzer Prime Class, a compact measuring system to measure density and refractive index in one go. Powerful modularity, as realized in the Modulyzer Unlimited Class, allows you to build countless combinations to fit your specific application. Using both Anton Paar equipment as well as third-party instruments, you can measure up to 7 parameters.

Depending on the required accuracies, you can choose from 1 of 3 density meters + 1 of 6 refractometers + 1 of 5 sample changers.

Benefits of Modulyzer Prime Class at Polymerization

In addition to API gravity, the refractive index is also used for QC of process samples. The modular measuring system ‘Modulyzer for Petro’ unites a density meter with a refractometer and is operated fully automatically by a heated sample changer.