The ABA 4 automatic closed-cup flash point tester with extended measuring range, Peltier cooling and stirrer measures the flash point, the lowest temperature at which the vapors of a sample might ignite, and the ability to yield flammable vapors at an equilibrium temperature. ABA 4 is suitable for jet fuels, solvents, chemicals and more.

Standard methods:
ISO 1516, ISO 1523, ISO 13736, EN 924, DIN 51755-1, IP 170, IP 491, IP 492

Application range:
With internal air cooling
10 °C to 110 °C

With external liquid cooling
-30 °C to 110 °C

PC software FPPnet

Benefits of ABA 4 at Jet fuel

Flash point values may be used in shipping, storage, handling and for safety regulations, as a classification property to define “flammable” and combustible materials. ABA 4 determines the flash point in a closed cup at temperatures below 65 °C.