The CLA 5 automatic open-cup flash and fire point tester measures the flash point, which describes the tendency to form a flammable mixture with air, and the fire point, which indicates the tendency of sustained burning. CLA 5 is suitable for lubricants, residual fuels or bituminous material.

Standard methods:
ASTM D92, ISO 2592, JIS K 2265-4, AASHTO T48, FTM 791-1103, IP 36

Application range:
Up to 400 °C

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Bitumen accessories

Benefits of CLA 5 at Terminal

Flash point values may be used in shipping, storage, handling and for safety regulations, as a classification property to define “flammable” and combustible materials. CLA 5 determines the flash point and fire point of all petroleum products in an open cup and in a range from 79 °C to 400 °C.