Copper Strip Tester

The Copper Strip Tester is designed to assess the relative degree of corrosivity of a petroleum product due to its sulfur content. Depending on the accessories it can be used for copper or silver strip tests.
Pressure vessels are used for aviation gasoline, aviation turbine fuel and natural gasoline.
Test tubes are used for diesel fuel, fuel oil, automotive gasoline, cleaner’s (Stoddard) solvent, kerosene, lubricating oil and other various petroleum products.

Standard methods:
ASTM D130, ISO 2160, JIS K 2220, JIS K 2513, FTM 791-5325, IP 154

Option silver strip test:
ASTM D4814

Application range:
Ambient to 200 ┬░C

Test places:

Benefits of Copper Strip Tester at Jet fuel

The copper strip tester determines the corrosiveness of petroleum products to copper. The copper strip is placed inside the tested sample at an elevated temperature for a defined period of time. After the test, the color of the copper is assessed. This is a required test method to certify diesel and gasoline.