The CAPP I cloud and pour point tester is designed to determine the temperature at which a fuel starts to become cloudy or begins to precipitate paraffin (cloud point) and the lowest temperature at which a sample stops to flow (pour point).This manual CAPP tester features a 4-place refrigeration cabinet on castors equipped with glassware.
Suitable for all petroleum products, especially diesel fuel, biodiesel, blends, gas oils. Also for engine, turbine or insulating oil and paints.

Standard methods:
ASTM D97, ASTM D2500, ASTM D5853, ISO 3015, ISO 3016, EN 23015, JIS K 2269, JIS K 2601, FTM 791-201, IP 15, IP 219, IP 441

Application range:
-69 °C to 20 °C

Chamber temperatures:
-69 °C to 0 °C

Air-cooled metal-block cyrostat with one cooling chamber

Benefits of CAPP I at Diesel fuel oil

CAPP is a metal-block cryostat that performs cloud & pour point tests. The sample is cooled and the lowest temperature at which movement of the sample is observed is recorded as the pour point.