ADU 5 is the ideal solution for automatically performing high-precision atmospheric distillation tests to characterize the volatility of petrochemical products. Mean, max and min value and the standard deviation for selected samples are calculated automatically. The extended range of application comprises automatic dry point detections for solvents, cetane index determinations, calculations of the driveability index and the preparation of bottom residue for EN ISO 10370.

Standard methods:
ASTM D86, ASTM D850, ASTM D1078, ISO 3405, IP 123, IP 195

Application range:
Up to 450 °C

Distillation groups:
1 to 4, solvents

Benefits of ADU 5 at Diesel fuel oil

ADU 5 determines the boiling range characteristics of petroleum products, which describe their volatility and are important for controlling the refinery process and for certifying the final products. This is a required test method for diesel and gasoline.